Shoe Zombie

I’m a shoe zombie folks! A complete addict~

Having that said, I’ve been going a little overboard on the shoe buys lately

Here are some of my recent purchases…


Pointed Loafers (Nine West) 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Open-toed Mules (Dolce Vita)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Ankle Booties (Chinese Laundry)

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Fashionable Sneaks (Nike)

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Pointed-Toe Pumps (Steven by Steve Madden)

Always giddy after a good shoe buy~ Woooot!

I realize I don’t branch out too much in my shoe color palette, but what can I say, I like to keep things simple!

Pictures are linked to the sites where you can purchase these shoes! 

I’m sure I’ll have another shoe post soon! 😀


INSPIRE ME: On That Job Hunt

My Interview Essentials: 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

1) A tailored pair of cropped trousers (I like mine to have a bit of leather trim)

2) A nice button down (tailored or a little loose and flowy)

3) A sturdy bag medium sized (Always bring a pen & a small notebook)

4) A  nice pair of pointed loafers

5) A pop of color in accessories

6) A classic pair of sunglasses

One month into my job search herein good ole NYC.

It has certainly been draining. So many applications and job sites, it’s making my head twirl! So far it’s just been some buzz, but nothing solid has come through yet, but I’m feeling good and hopeful! NYC be good to me ❤

As NYFW gears into full swing NYC is filled with inspiration, buzz, tons of people (more so than usual-Eek!) and TONS of fashion. And though the high humidity and scorching sun can make me a bit fussy, I still have to say, it feels good to be a New Yorker right about now! The plethora of eclectic street style and the whimsy and buzz that fills the air around Lincoln Center have me feeling extremely inspired and eager to start working in this industry. There are some amazing collections for the Spring ’15! (ie: BCBG Max Azria, Tadashi Shoji & Monique Lhuillier). Can’t wait to see more!

I came across a great post on StyleCaster about the 50 Most Powerful Women in Fashion. I found a great deal of inspiration in reading about all these women and how they changed the face of fashion.

50-Powerful-Women Feature

Take a  look and get inspired too! Till next time fellow Fashion Zombies~



The Best Thing I Ate…

Living in NYC, there are hundreds and thousands of restaurants to choose from. And as a closet foodie I’m always looking to find something that’ll stimulate my taste buds and make my heart melt whether it be a dessert, entree or even cocktails. Here’s some of the BEST foods I’ve stumbled upon (or cooked) lately. 

I never knew bread could change my life…..

Honey Bread: Cafe De Cupping in Flushing, NY


Nailed this one on the head! BING! So easy to make, even in my TEENSY WEENSY kitchen!

Chicken, Tomato, Artichoke Pizza: Semi-homemade with Trader Joe’s Pizza Flatbread


It smelled like PURE Christmas in my kitchen for a good few hours.

Homemade Caramel Candied Walnuts: BEST when it’s hot off the stove. NOMS


After stuffing face with turkey, stuffing and other goodies we indulged in a turkey ice cream cake from Dunkin Donuts: Made with coffee ice cream.


And most recently, Hazelnut Panna Cotta w/ fruit and drizzled in dark chocolate, from Supper restaurant in East Village, NYC.

YUM. I have so much to eat in this city! It’s only just begun… 🙂

Tis the season to EAT and be merry!


When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, I get super lazy. I usually will pull something together at the last minute or go with something simple. I’ve never been a huge fan of those terrible halloween costumes you find in stores. They’re overpriced and are the worst quality. So I’ll usually try and find something from my closet or maybe buy something from a thrift store.

This year I decided to be a Black Cat… again. hehe. I had a great pair of leather leggings and a cute and sexy black backless tank, so I just had to buy some kitty ears.

For people who don’t like the fuss of finding/making a costume here’s a great tip….

Keep the outfit simple and do some crazy makeup! On Halloween you can go as bold and crazy as you want with your makeup! It’s an opportunity to be creative so take advantage of it. Great halloween makeup can complete a look or spruce up a simple costume (IE: just slapping on a pair of animal ears like me)

My outfit was really simple so I decided to try some intense cat eye makeup! Hope you like it!

I used my Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay. It’s such a great palette for creating everyday looks as well as weekend looks. I also have a variety of brushes for blending and applying different colors.


To achieve the clean lines I used scotch tape and taped under my eye at the angle i wanted the shadow to go in. As you layer on eyeshadow a lot of the shadow will trickle onto the skin under your eyes and can make it look very messy. The scotch tape keeps it clean, gives you a defined line, and sort of gives you a guide that will give you nice evenly shadowed eyes!


Just like when you’re doing everyday eyeshadow, you’ll need a lighter base color, a medium shade and a dark shade. As my base color I used Half Baked from my Naked 2 palette, which is a gold color. Pistol, which is a medium steel gray color, was my medium tone, and Blackout, which is a solid black, as my darkest color.


Start out with your light/base shadow and cover your whole lid, dragging the color out to the sides as far as you want! I wanted a really dramatic look so I dragged the color out all the way to my temples. Take your medium shadow and color about 2/3 of your lid, also dragging this out to the sides, then use your blending brush to blend the base and medium shadow. Using your dark eyeshadow, cover 1/3 of your lid, closest to the edge of your lid, and again bring it out to the sides ,blend again. You can change up the proportions to achieve your desired look. Make sure you’re layering on your shadow colors as opposed to caking on a lot at once. Putting on little by little allows you to control the look and avoids mistakes!

Blending is really important to achieve a smooth clean gradient so make sure your blending well and often!

If you’re planning on going out make sure you take precautions so that your makeup won’t budge. I use Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer and when I finished all my make up I sprayed a liberal amount of Urban Decay’s All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. Even after a long night of dancing my makeup stayed put! Here is my completed look!

Happy Halloween All!! Mewmew~


OOTD: Accessories

Great way to give life to any outfit…. ACCESSORIES! I love me some statement rings and necklaces. 🙂 

Accessories can give a basic outfit a nice pick me up! Whether it be rings, earrings, necklaces, or a statement clutch or shoe.

If you’re an all black errthang kinda girl (which I am most of the time) layer on a couple simple necklaces , mix and match some bangles, throw on some midi rings, and put on your favorite bold colored heels to give some depth to your outfit.


Love, Peace, and Jewelry

Love, Peace, and Jewelry

Some great new jewelry I picked up at the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Styleshop.

It’s been awhile since I posted something! But small update…. I’m living in NYC baby! I started attending FIT in August and will be taking classes towards another degree~ I’m so excited to start this new chapter in my life. I know it will bring lots of wonderful challenges and experiences my way!

So these great little bracelets are made by a student at FIT and sold at FIT’s styleshop on campus for only $7 each! Stack as many beaded bracelets as you want or pair them with other bracelets, like my spike bangle! It’s a great way to accessorize a simple jeans and tshirt look, or can add a little flair to an edgy black on black on leather look!


Later guys!